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West Creek Community Church Directions

West Creek Community Church

3921 Deep Rock Road

Richmond, Va. 23233


Sunday Mornings

Prayer Time at 10

Worship at 11

Wednesday Bible Study at 7pm

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As Believers

We are a group of believers in the far West End of Richmond, Virginia who are challenged to ministry and mission. We are inclusive of all people regardless of race, background and family situations. We earnestly proclaim the Word of God through biblical based teaching and preaching. We believe the profound truth Jesus Christ can make a huge difference in our lives!

Spiritual Life

"Get in shape, go back to school, get out of debt . . ." seems like we're all into self-improvement. But what about our spiritual life? We can't take care of that in the gym. At West Creek Community Church we are exploring ways to get "fit for life." You'll see that spiritual health brings all other facets of life into balances. We want to see your family impacted by the love of God! Physical health doesn't happen by accident - nor does spiritual health.

"We are a place where imperfect people find acceptance - unconditionally, which naturally projects the mission of our church."

Our Mission at West Creek Community Church is to:

Our Worship at West Creek Community Church:

Worship is a personal attitude toward the God of this universe as we reflect on His compassion in our lives. We realize that all people will not worship the same way, this is perfectly fine in our fellowship.

Our welcome of spiritual gifts will never violate the word of God. We ask the Holy Spirit to be present here and to distribute gifts among His people according to His will. However, every believer is urged to be responsible and accountable to minister gifts according to the Word of God with sensitivity. We are covetous of the gifts of God, but not gullible as to their demonstration. Graciousness in ministry, submissiveness in spirit, and order in operation of the gifts is scriptural and insisted upon in this assembly.

Our freedom of worship will never surrender to fanaticism. We are forthright and expressive in our worship, but we differentiate between the sound of praise and the noise of people. We worship as a choir in chorus, not as soloists in competition. We worship in Spirit with liberty, but in concert under leadership. It's safe to praise aloud with us, for we will partner together to worship in the beauty of holiness. See page (article) by Andy Terry on the "Balanced Approach to Pentecostalism"

At the present, our services will be held at 3921 Deep Rock Road Richmond, VA 23233. The 5th entrance on the left heading south on Deep Rock. Signage will be set up to direct to the building "Deep Rock Center." Services are at PASSION ACADEMY. Worship starts at 11:00 a.m.

Future Home of

West Creek Community Church